Antarctic Equipment

Elphinstone have been designing and manufacturing Antarctic equipment since 1985. We have more than 25 years experience building equipment suitable for Antarctic conditions. Having participated in 3 traverses, it gives us first hand knowledge of design needed to withstand harsh Antarctic conditions.

Traverse Trailers


  • Rubber tracks or skis
  • Designed and built to suit harsh traversing or transport operation
  • Can be used as lead trailer in train
  • Very low maintenance
  • Have units that have done approximately 100,000 kms each on snow

Slave Sleds

  • For use around base to move containers

Traverse Sleds

  • Sleds to carry containers or flat tops for harsh traverse operations

Air Cushion Sleds


  • Low ground pressure
  • Leaves a flat road surface for following machines
  • Lower tare weight more payload
  • Low loading height
  • Suitable for a 20ft ISO Container, or as a flat deck 6m x 2.7m

Heavy Duty Skis


  • Flat bottom skis plus heavy duty axles and turntable assemblies
  • Solid structure using combinations of wood, steel, and plastics
  • Very flat bottom makes it easier to tow
  • Can support large loads
  • Leaves flat road surface

Traverse Caravan Trailer on Skis with Walkway


  • Normally a 15 metre trailer
  • Designed and built to work in harsh conditions
  • Suitable to be used as lead trailer

Heavy Equipment Transporter on Skis


  • Designed and built to carry up to 35,000 kg machines
  • Good oscillation in skis
  • Hydraulic ramps

Other Antarctic Equipment

Base Frames

  • Simple bolt together design made for ease of assembly in field
  • All modular
  • Can be added to in either direction
  • Built to suit 20'containers
  • Normally 1200 or 2600mm high
  • Built with same location points as 20' container
  • Used as storage area or to construct building on


  • Modular
  • Simple bolt together in field design
  • Safety hand rails


  • Suit modular frames
  • Simple bolt-on design

Axle Drawbar Assemblies

  • Applied technology learned in log transport
  • Designed and built many different axles and drawbar assemblies
  • Proven in the field in Antarctica


  • Adapted log transport design
  • Design that has been proven over thousands of kilometres of use in Antarctica


  • Partly adapted from our proven log transport designs
  • Experience enabled us to put suspensions under some of the living quarter trailers

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