Containa Weigha™ Transportable ISO Container Weighing Frame

The Elphinstone "Containa Weigha" features a rugged frame with integrated loadcells offering simple, portable weighing for ISO shipping containers. Units are available for 20ft and 40ft boxes and can be used on any hard flat surface. Display options include frame mounting with battery operation or full radio remote using the Elphinstone Easyweigh™ indicator system.


  • Weigh 20ft or 40ft ISO Containers
  • ISO Liquid Tanks
  • Loading Bulk Products to Max Weight
  • Checking Shipping Weights
  • Import/Export Weights


  • Robust Design
  • Weigh ISO Containers While Loading
  • No Need to Truck Containers To/From a Weighbridge for Weights
  • 40,000kg Capacity
  • Simple Pin Locators
  • Easy to Move, Re-Locate
  • Sits on Standard Twist Locks for Transport


  • 40ft Version
  • Ramp for Forklift Access
  • 12v Battery or 240v Operation
  • Weatherproof Display
  • Radio Remote Display for Loader
  • Scoreboard Display
  • Printer
  • Keypad for Data Entry
  • Datalogging

Optional Accessories

  • Forklift Ramp 2.4m Wide
  • X320 Weatherproof Indicator
  • Easyweigh Radio Remote
  • Ticket Printer
  • Keypad Datalogger
  • Scoreboard Displays

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