420 Specification Loadcell Model: 29/BBB0420PU

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Assembly Numbers
21/BBB0420PB Loadcell only
29/BBB0420PU Loadcell, unitised with bearing plates (shown)
Structural Configuration
Double ended, rigid-mount bending beam Compression loading
Bare Weight
Unitised Weight
Static Capacity
13,600 kg
Dynamic Capacity
5,670 kg
Safe Overload
100% of Static Capacity
Ultimate Overload
Minimum of 200% of Static Capacity
Loadcell Body Material
4340 alloy steel, heat treated to 180,000psi yield strength
Bearing Plate (2)
21/63-00017, weld ASTM A514 Steel
Top Mounting Bolts (3)
90/981516, 1"-14TPI x 1-½" Grade 8
Recommended Torque: 945Nm(700ft/lb)
Tie Down Bolts (2)
90/982616 1"-14TPI x 2½" Grade 8 OR 21/28-00279 Posistop Bolt
Recommended Torque: 945Nm(700ft/lb)
4 pin Military style, injection moulded
Custom 4 core with polyurethane jacket


15 volts (AC or DC)
5-10 volts Recommended
0.5.mv/v @ 5,670kg
350Ω +/- 1.0Ω
Transient Voltage Tolerance
100 volts Between Leads and Loadcell Body
500MΩ at 50 volts

Dimensions and Mounting Instructions

IMPORTANT This Loadcell must be mounted in accordance with Elphinstone Instructions. Failure to do so may void warranty. Specifications to change without notice. These specifications supercede all previous specifications as of October 2006.


  1. 618 mm
  2. 575 mm
  3. 425 mm
  4. 92 mm
  5. 31 mm
  6. 31 mm
  7. 1"-14TPI x 20mm Deep
  8. 1-14TPI x 2½" Grade 8
  9. 498 mm
  10. 381 mm
  11. 59 mm
  12. 60 mm
  13. 80 mm


  1. Excitation +
  2. Signal +
  3. Signal -
  4. Excitation -

Mounting Requirements

  • Top Plate must be dead stiff and machined flat after welding
  • Bottom Mounting must be dead stiff
  • Bearing plate must be welded using 10mm fillet
  • Across end and fully down each side


  • Do not strike an Arc on the loadcell body with a welder
  • It is Ok to use the loadcell to position the Bearing plate for tack welding only
  • Remove the loadcell to complete welding procedure
  • Do not damage the bottom cover plate as this protects delicate strain gauges
  • Take care to protect the loadcell connector/cable as this can not be replaced in the field
  • Fit protection for the loadcell connector from stones and foreign objects which may damage it
  • Do not damage or paint over the Part/Serial Number identification tag


Maximum Dynamic Load
5,670kg (12,500 lb)
Maximum Static Load
13,600kg (30,000 lb)
Top Bolt Thread Engagement into Loadcell
Minimum = 16 mm
Maximum = 22 mm

Bolt Tensions

1" Top mounting bolts
945Nm (700 lb/ft)
1" End mounting bolts
945Nm (700 lb/ft)
Coat all bolt threads with anti-seize

Download Spec Sheet in PDF Format ►

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