Water Treatment Plants

Elphinstone have been designing and installing methods of weighing at water treatment plants using custom designed weighbridges. Simple transport, assembly, and fast setup make the system very versatile. Utilising the weighbridge makes it very easy to monitor payloads to ensure maximum legal limits without overloading.


Elphinstone's Weighing Platforms provide a quick and easy method of check-weighing to ensure your tanks are loaded to the maximum legal limit without overloading. Cover your Duty of Care requirements by ensuring all vehicles leaving your site are loaded legally.

Easy Permanent Installation
Our custom designed platform scales are ideal for use at water treatment plants. They can be mounted above ground with ramps or a shallow pit installation. This saves you money and reduces the overall disruption to your operation during installation.
Shipped Assembled
The Elphinstone platform system is fully assembled and factory pre-tested to make site set up quick and simple.
Low Maintenance
The Elphinstone platform system is fully electronic. There are no moving parts (unlike conventional weighbridges) that wear out or need adjustment. The key to this is the use of our precision loadcells that form structural members of the assembly.
Elphinstone have been building and installing platforms and on-vehicle weighing systems since 1976. We have incorporated the knowledge and latest technology that ensures dependable service from our equipment under Australian conditions.


  • Elphinstone EasyView
  • Data Entry Keypad
  • Remote Display with Limit Lights and Reset Button
  • Limit Lights
  • L5500 Printer
  • Remote Display
  • Stand-alone Scoreboard Display
  • Easyweigh Transmitter
  • Easyweigh Multi RF Control Stand
  • Split Scoreboard Display

Weighbridges also available for hire – download a fact sheet ►

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