Elphinstone Road Railer

The Elphinstone Road Railer is a revolutionary logging frame designed to connect to a standard container rail wagon by twist locks. The frame has fork pockets for ease of moving the frame on and off rail wagons loaded or empty. A hand operated hydraulic pump raises and lowers the bolsters allowing the frames to be stacked up to six high in one container position, or can position a container on top of the frames when un-laden. The Road Railer can also be transported by road on skeletal trailers proving a versatile and cost effective solution to the log transport industry whether by road or by rail.


  • Manual hydraulic bolsters (raise / lower)
  • Manual load binder winches
  • Stackable up to 6 high
  • Can stack a 20ft ISO container on top when bolsters are lowered
  • Large fork pockets
  • Upper and lower twist lock mounting holes

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