Sweepers / Vacuum Trucks

Elphinstone Easyweigh loadcells are mounted to load bearing points on the chassis to give accurate readings of the weight of the body. This helps to stay within certain load limits by easy monitoring of the payload as it increases.


  • Rugged Design
  • Replaceable Heavy Duty Nylon Wear Pads
  • Protect yourself against overload fines and accident liability
  • Realtime weight monitoring
  • Cab mounted display external display options
  • Accuracy guaranteed ±1%
  • Load to the maximum payload every load
  • Simple installation during manufacture
  • Mounting kits designed for easy fitting
  • Proven reliability in the waste collection industry
  • Rugged loadcell design proven over 38 years in the logging industry
  • Simple electronics
  • Designed and built in Australia
  • Self diagnostics for easy troubleshooting
  • Excellent backup and after sales service
  • Lower maintenance costs

Available Options For Your Application

  • Elphinstone EasyView
  • L5500 Printer
  • Remote Display
  • Limit Lights

Australian owned and operated business, Elphinstone Weighing Systems and Logging Trailers are proud to have been servicing the transport industry since 1976.


Maximum dynamic load
X,XXX kg (XX,XXX lb)
Maximum static load
X,XXX kg (XX,XXX lb)
Top bolt thread engagement into loadcell
Minimum = XXmm
Maximum = XXmm

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