Seaskel Trailers

Utilising their extensive log trailer experience, Elphinstone design and build a purpose built trailer for port to ship and ship to port operation.

By incorporating fork 'pockets' in the design the trailers are able to be stacked 3 high for either un-laden forward or return journeys to save valuable deck space on cargo ships.


  • Fitted with standard bolt-in 50mm king pin and no block
  • One male and one female standard air fitting fitted to front of trailer
  • Extra heavy duty (trestle style) wind up/down landing leg
  • Stackable — three high
  • Purpose designed wheels rest on rear of trailer to hold tyres when stacking
  • Heavy duty tie down points along both sides of the trailer
  • Able to remove the store centre twist locks on trailer when using 40' containers

Below are some images of the Seaskel trailer and its features.

At Elphinstone Engineering we are proud of the products we design and build and continually strive to improve. We hope that you get productivity, longevity and enjoyment out of using our products.


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