Zinc-A-Skel Trailers

The Elphinstone Zinc-A-Skel was built following an approach by a customer seeking a solution to their specific task.

By spending time looking at the products to be transported; their loading and unloading facilities and working out how to achieve a quick turn around whilst still undertaking a safe operation, we were able to design and manufacture the Zinc-A-Skel.

Elphinstone built 4 single trailers which started work 7 days a week; 9-11 hours per day with a load on and off every 40 minutes. The units have proven to be efficient in their operation as well as providing the customer with a unit that is easy to maintain. These trailers were put into operation in 1994 and are still doing the same job today.


  • Unique 'gull wing' design cage for safe haulage of zinc ingots
  • Designed to facilitate loading and unloading with ease
  • Increased operator safety
  • Easy to maintain

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At Elphinstone Engineering we are proud of the products we design and build and continually strive to improve. We hope that you get productivity, longevity and enjoyment out of using our products.

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