Single Point Fold-A-Skel™, a proven performer since 1985.

Simple, lighter tare weight, single point suspension and easier manual folding (as easy as a Jinker) are some of the features of the Elphinstone Single Point Fold-A-Skel™.

With simpler and easier folding and unfolding, all that is needed is a small ramp or bank of dirt. The turntable slider enables weight transfer, and replaceable nylon slides ensures easier vehicle changeover.


  • One trailer fits any truck with required wheel base, and will interchange from truck to truck without modifications
  • Multi-fit bolsters with round high tensile pegs
  • Lightweight stretch mudguards
  • Frames are fully bolted together
  • Scales standard – proven loadcells and consistent accuracy
  • Proven design over millions of kilometres
  • Low centre of gravity for good stability in all terrains
  • Ability to cart a wide variety of load lengths
  • Standard Quick Release – Truck can tow any standard trailers

Elphinstone offer exceptional service and spare parts backup.

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Hydraulic Fold-A-Skel™

All the features and advantages of the Single Point Fold-A-Skel™ but with the added advantage of hydraulics. Single one action folding with simple single switch operation.

All controls and hydraulic system fitted in truck are the same as for Easyloader™ making parts and back up service a simple 'one stop shop'.

Options Available for Fold-A-Skel™

  • Front and Rear Guards – Bolt On, Rubber Mounted
  • Manual or Auto-tension winches
  • Slider/turntable
  • Rear push bar
  • R22.5" or 19.5" Wheels
  • Additional bolsters
  • Sliding bolsters
  • Easyweigh™ Radio Remote scale system

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