Air Pressure Weighing EasyAir 128078-SA

The Elphinstone EasyAir is a high quality air transducer unit for on-vehicle weighing of trailers fitted with an air suspension.

This unit measures air pressure from both sides of the suspension (giving faster response times) and converts this information into a digital weight display in cabin. Automatically accounts for changes in atmospheric conditions and temperature.


  • Low Cost Weighing
  • Simple Installation
  • Atmospherically Adjusted
  • Fully Sealed Unit
  • Push in Air Fittings
  • Suit Metric or Imperial Airlines
  • Robust in Design
  • High Accuracy


The EasyAir transducer system is compatible with both of Elphinstone's indicator systems (Easyweigh® Radio Remote and D Model Cab Mount indicator systems). EasyAir is also compatible with most other brands of electronics.

Proven Performance

Elphinstone have been designing and installing on-vehicle weighing systems since 1976. We have incorporated the latest technology to assure you of dependable service from our systems.


960 grams (34 oz)
Military Connector
Aluminium Case – Powdercoated
Mounting Bracket
Pressure Range
4psi — 150psi
Transducer – ± 0.5%
Operational – ± 1% (See points below)

Accuracy when installed in air suspension is dependent on the following:

  • Suspension assembled correctly. Bushes tensioned at correct ride height
  • Ride height valve should be fast acting and set at correct height
  • Have NO air leaks in trailer
  • Ensure full air pressure in trailer, this means full tanks, not just enough to release brakes
  • Have trailer brakes off whilst loading/reading weights
  • Stand trailer on level and flat ground whilst reading weights
  • Allow pressure to steady in suspension after adding more load or moving trailer
  • Ensure a clean air system
  • Driver awareness to these points gives better operational accuracy

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