Rigid Tipper & Dog

By fitting the weighing systems to the lifter arm and the hinge of the tipper bin Elphinstone maximise the accuracy of measuring the weight of the payload. This allows for carrying the largest payload possible whilst staying inside the legal limit. The load is easily monitored from the cab mounted display unit

Proven Performance

Elphinstone have been designing and installing on-vehicle weighing systems for over 20 years. We have incorporated the latest technology to assure you of dependable service from our systems.


  • Protect yourself against overload fines and accident liability
  • Accuracy guaranteed ± 1%
  • Load to the maximum payload every load
  • Simple installation during manufacture by Body Builder or retro-fit to existing units
  • Mounting kits designed for easy fitting
  • Proven reliability in the Transport industry
  • Rugged Loadcell design proven over 20 years in the logging industry
  • Simple electronics
  • Designed and built in Australia
  • Self diagnostics for easy troubleshooting
  • Excellent backup and after sales service
  • Lower maintenance costs


  • Cab mounted printer
  • DataLogger
  • Direct communication with onboard computers
  • Easyweigh® radio remote readout
  • Scoreboard display

Electronic Options

  • Elphinstone D Model
    (Cab Mount Indicator)
  • Elphinstone Easyweigh®
    (Radio Remote Indicator)
  • Elphinstone L5500
    (Cab Mounted Printer)
  • Scoreboard Display

Proven under Australian conditions for over 20 years!


2 loadcells mounted on rear pivots
1 or 2 loadcells mounted under lift cylinder
3 Point — 15,000kg
4 Point — 28,000
12vdc (24vdc with power reducer)
Flexible mounting design to reduce stress on Truck chassis and Tipper Body

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