Load Binder Winches

From knowledge gained over many years, Elphinstone decided to design and build their own winches that addressed the operational difficulties that were occurring with existing equipment in the field. As well as ease of operation and maintenance, the need for more pre-tension was paramount in the design. Our load binders, whether manual or hydraulic automatic tensioners are safe, strong and made in Australia for Australian Conditions. Call one of our friendly sales people for information or to order.

Auto Tensioner (Air) / Load Binder 30/303899

Elphinstone AutoTensioner (Air) Load Binder Winch 30/303899

The first Elphinstone auto-tensioner winch was built in 1992 and has seen quite a few design changes to evolve into our current air winch. The Elphinstone air winch has a genuine 5,000 kg tested and rated lashing capacity.

Manual Winch / Load Binder 30/177980

Elphinstone Manual Load Binder Winch 30/177980

The 5,000 kg manual lashing capacity was developed after many years of customers using existing market winches that required many modifications to them to make them last in the logging environment. The result is the Elphinstone manual winch that meets or exceeds the expectation of our end-users.

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