Weighing Systems

Elphinstone were the first to introduce on-vehicle weighing systems to Australia in 1976. Originally importing scale systems from the USA, we started building our own Electronics in 1988 and Loadcells in 2001. Since 1976 we have installed weighing systems to almost every type of transport vehicle in Australia and many specialised stationary applications.

Scale Applications

Elphinstone Scale Application Weighing Systems

Elphinstone have designed and installed weighing systems to suit almost every type of transport equipment used in Australia. We cover all fields from general transport, agriculture, mining, waste, heavy haulage, tippers, tankers and many specialised industries including road stabilisation, explosives, silo's and other stationary scales. We also sell and hire transportable weighbridges and customised loadcell modules.
We carry an extensive line of spare parts and run our own workshops giving us the unique position of offering a complete installation and repair service.


Elphinstone Electronics for Weighing Systems

Elphinstone have been developing and manufacturing our own electronics since 1988. Our indicator systems are designed for simple operation and have the ability to be configured to suit specific applications and operations. Our plain english menu system allows for easy navigation of the settings and options. Robust design and using only the highest quality components ensure our electronics endure the toughest environments for many many years.


Elphinstone Loadcells

Elphinstone Loadcells are designed specifically to suit On-Vehicle weighing applications. They are built to the highest standards of quality and durability based on 30+ years of experience. Precision machining and an extensive quality control system mean Elphinstone loadcells will deliver high accuracy readings for many years and are designed to be structural members of the vehicle or structure they are installed on.

Transportable Weighbridges

Elphinstone Transportable Weighbridges

The Elphinstone transportable weighbridge offers exceptional benefits for multiple industries. Simple transport, assembly and fast setup make this system very versatile.

ISO Container Weighing Frame

Elphinstone ISO Container Weighing Frames

The Elphinstone "Containa Weigha" features a rugged frame with integrated loadcells offering simple, portable weighing for ISO shipping containers. Units are available for 20ft and 40ft boxes and can be used on any hard flat surface. Display options include frame mounting with battery operation or full radio remote using the Elphinstone Easyweigh™ indicator system.

Air Pressure Weighing

Elphinstone Air Pressure Weighing Systems

Elphinstone air transducers are custom built to suit the transport industry. These units measure the pressure in the air suspension system and convert this to a digital weight for display in the cab or remote. While generally not as accurate as loadcells these units allow simple installation and are suitable to monitor legal loading of vehicles.

Custom Weighing Systems

Elphinstone Custom Weighing Systems

Elphinstone manufacture extensive weighing systems to suit many applications...

Mounting Hardware

Elphinstone Mounting Hardware for Weighing Systems

Elphinstone manufacture extensive mounting systems to suit many applications making it very straight forward to install our weighing systems. We build standardised mounting systems for body and trailer manufacturers as well as customised mounting systems for specific industries.

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