Pressurised Tankers

Utilising their ingenuity and experience, Elphinstone has been able to engineer and fit on-board weighing systems to suit almost every vehicle in Australia. Our loadcells are accurate to +/-1% and there are systems to measure many types of rigid tankers, trailers, and silos.

Pressurised Tankers & Trailers

Elphinstone Weighing Systems for Heavy Haulage

Elphinstone engineer loadcells to suit the load bearing parts of the tanker and trailer. Using only loadcells or a combination of loadcells and transducers a true reading of the weight of the load is displayed to the driver. Systems can be installed with a display unit in the cab for safety and convenience.

Mobile Silo

Elphinstone Weighing Systems for Heavy Haulage

Loadcells are retro fitted to the load bearing points of the mobile silo allowing maximum legal fill for towing, plus the added convenience of monitoring levels inside the container as it empties on site.

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