Elphinstone have been developing and manufacturing our own electronics since 1988. Our indicator systems are designed for simple operation and have the ability to be configured to suit specific applications and operations. Our plain english menu system allows for easy navigation of the settings and options. Robust design and using only the highest quality components ensure our electronics endure the toughest environments for many many years.

Elphinstone D Model

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The Elphinstone D Model Indicator is the smallest and most user friendly, two channel, cab mounted indicator available. So small you can fit it anywhere in the cabin, and so easy to use with digital calibration and menu driven display.


Elphinstone Logging Trailers

Easyweigh® is a unique Scale System which has been designed by people in the field, not from behind a desk. The System offers benefits never before seen in the weighing industry such as the ability to interchange trailers and trucks without adjustment. This allows one truck to connect to any trailer fitted with the system without adjustment.

Elphinstone EasyView

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Elphinstone EasyView allows you to wirelessly access the range of Elphinstone Scale Indicators using your Androidâ„¢ smartphone or tablet.

Electronic Accessories

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Elphinstone produce a number of electronic accessories that enhance the use of the EasyWeigh® system such as scoreboard displays and docket printers.

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